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Games PosterWant to get into the Highland Games for FREE??
Rick Blair and myself have been hard at work to help organize the Heavy Events (Caber Toss, Stone Throw etc.) for the Games this coming weekend.  It would be our pleasure to provide you with a wrist band that will grant you FREE access to the park in exchange for a few hours of your help.  Yup…volunteers.  We still need about 5 or 6 people to help out with measuring, setting up and taking down some of the equipment for the Heavy Events.  You’ll get a cool shirt, liquid refreshments and of course a park pass for the day.
If you are interested, simply reply to this e-mail and I’ll give you more details.  For those of you interested in just experiencing the Games this weekend, you can check out the website here:
Have You Checked Your Locker Lately?
We have posted a few notes on lockers that have locks on them.  Basically, we are doing a locker inventory and have noticed that some locks have been left on permanently but we have no record of that particular locker being rented.
To clear up any miscommunication about locker use, here is how it works:
Most of the lockers are strictly day use lockers.  We encourage you to use them when you are here and even lock your stuff if you wish.  When you are done your workout, just remove your lock and take your stuff with you so the next person can use the locker.
There are a few designated lockers (ones with black numbers on the top) that are rental lockers.  Members who wish to have the added convenience of having the same locker available to them on a month to month basis can choose to rent them for a nominal fee of $10 per month.
Those who have placed locks on lockers and haven’t requested a rental are asked to remove your lock by Friday July 31st at 9:00PM.  Locks that remain will be cut, property removed  and sold to the highest bidder.  Just kidding, we’ll put it in bags behind the counter to be claimed.  If it’s not claimed within a reasonable amount of time we will either discard it or give it to charity.
After July 31st we will do regular lock to locker checks and cut locks without notice.  There are only so many lockers to go around and we appreciate your consideration and attention.
medieval timesWho Wants to Join Us For A Fun Evening At   Medieval Times?
On Saturday August 8th, I cordially invite you to join us for an evening of awesome entertainment.  I have rented a bus to take up to 40 people down to Toronto and back and got a sweet all inclusive price that includes the Medieval Times Dinner Theatre. 
Only $48…Tax included !
That’s it….$48 bucks for a return trip and Medieval Times.  But there are only a few spots left…15 to be exact.  I opened it up to the staff and their significant others first and they jumped all over it.  But I’d love for you to join us too.  A chance to socialize outside the gym and take in one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen.  I’ve been 3 times and I’d go 3 more.
Just so you know, there will be alcohol served (at an additional cost) and so it may not be appropriate for those under 19 unless accompanied by a parent.
You can sign up and pay at the front desk.  Cash, Cheque, Visa or M/C. 
But Hurry!  I know these spots will go quickly.  We need to submit the final head count by Friday July 31st.
If you want more information about the show click here:


So that’s it for now.  I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays and look forward to seeing you at Medieval Times if you can make it.

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