40% OFF Personal Training Sale!

We are so excited to roll out our new Personal Training/Coaching Program that we are taking 40% off the regular price until April 21st!

Our program is unique and unlike any other out there…guaranteed.  We like to think of it as Personal Training the way it SHOULD be, NOT the way it is everywhere else.

By that we mean that it’s much more than just a scheduled time to meet with a trainer to do a work out that they thought up in their head an hour before you showed up that is hand scribbled on a program card.

You should expect more for your money and your time.  Your sessions should be planned out weeks in advance and include regular evaluations, work outs you can perform when you are not with the trainer, regular nutritional guidance, stretching and recovery routines and an overall chart of your progress that reflects the results of your efforts.

Take it up a notch and ask yourself, if your trainer is away or sick, can another trainer trainer step in and pick up where you left off with out missing a beat??  If not, you are putting your results and your investment at risk.

Our New Coaching Program takes care of all those details listed above and then some.

How much more do you think you should pay for all this added attention to detail?? Answer: NOTHING!

As a matter of fact, most Clubs and Trainers are over charging for their limited service.  The going rate is anywhere from $65 – $80 per hour but what are you getting?  Seriously, ask yourself and ask your trainer, what are you getting for the money you are spending?

I highly encourage you to come and speak with one of our Coaches for a refreshing and unique change that guarantees results by providing a service that that nobody else does.

Oh, and by the way, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our rates are and with 40% off until April 21st, it’s more than worth your time!

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