6 Week Transformer – Heather

Heather W 8.5X11

Today it happens.  I make the commitment to take control of my body.  This was my thought on day 1 of the 6 week challenge.  I felt motivated and ready to meet this face on.  It helped to be doing this program with a friend – we bounced idea’s off each other and helped each other to interpret what we were reading and hearing and learning.  We dragged each other to 6:00 am workouts.

Right from the start it felt good.  I felt good.  I felt proud.  There was more than enough food, I found myself full, although I did miss some “munchies”.  The workouts challenged me.  They pushed me.  I felt the pain, but it was the good pain, the something is working and changing pain.  Which each completed workout I felt amazing.  I had to drag myself to the gym somedays, but ways ALWAYS so glad I had gone.

The trainers were fantastic and knowledgeable and inspiring.  Loved working with Christina and Meghan.
Favorite part was fast fit with Eric.  No mercy there.

I am well on my way to my personal weight and fitness goals.  I am excited to continue on this path and with all I have learned through this program I am sure that I can make those goals reality.

Body Fit is a great gym.  The members are friendly and helpful.

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