About Our Team

In many of the testimonials submitted, members mention how helpful and welcoming the Body Fit staff are. Some call us their second family, or “the Body Fit Team”. Below are a few more details about us!

Name:  Andy Luukkonen
Position:  Owner
Email: andy@bodyfit.ca
Favourite Quote: Advice I received from my Father-In-Law at my wedding; “Don’t worry about screwing up, because you will screw-up, just worry about how you are going to fix it.”


Name: Melanie Luukkonen
Position:  Andy’s Boss…and Club Manager
Email:  melanie@bodyfit.ca
What’s your favourite thing about working at Body Fit? Working with my wonderful husband on a daily basis… and the most AMAZING STAFF in the world!!


Eric hanger

Name: Eric Noyes
Position: Lead Personal Trainer



Name: Amelia Ewing
Position: Front Desk
Email: amelia@bodyfit.ca
Favourite Quote: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday… so stop stressing, it causes belly fat!


Name: Stephanie Luinstra
Position: Front Desk/Fast FIT Coach
Email: stephanie@bodyfit.ca
Favourite Quote: “The pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” and – because she has so many! “There is no shortcut. It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself.”


Name: Tiffany Lamana
Position: Front Desk
Email: tiffany@bodyfit.ca
Favorite Quote: “Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.”


Name: Caitlinn Den
Position: Front Desk
Email: caitlinn@bodyfit.ca
Fun Fact: An enthusiast for fitness, you may find her bounding over stone and dirt through Uxbridge’s backcountry. In passing, she may utter “Salut!”.


Name: Charlie Luukkonen
Position: Front Desk
Email: charlie@bodyfit.ca
Advice for Teenagers: Wait until your parents are in a good mood before you ask them for something!


Name: Hollay Ghadery
Position: Fitness Class Instructor (CFP FIS and PTS, and Yoga)
Favourite Quote: “In the end, we only hit what we aim at.” – Thoreau


Namecarole anne: Carole Anne Elliott
Position: Personal Trainer
Email: Carole_Anne@bodyfit.ca
Favorite Quote: “Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone.”


Christina picName: Christina Ryckman
Position: Front Desk and Personal Trainer
Email: Christina@bodyfit.ca
Favorite Quote: ” You’ll never regret working out!”


Name: Maggy Bell
Position: Fitness Class Instructor (CFP FIS and PT, Spin, and Yoga)
Fun Fact:  Maggy used to play baseball in her teens to her late twenties, and was the pitcher for her team!


Name: Jennifer Neveu
Position: Fitness Class Instructor and Personal Trainer ( CFP FIS, PT  and Spin)
Favourite Quote: “If you are still cute at the end of your workout, then you haven’t trained hard enough”



Name: Maureen O’Shea
Position: Fitness Class Instructor (Yoga)
Fun Fact: in 2006, Maureen traveled to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India to study further the many tools available in Classical Vinyasa Yoga. While in India she studied Vedic chanting, Pranayama (breathing), asana (postures), and dhyana (meditation)!