Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Many people today are making a clear decision to make exercise a part of their lifestyle and regular routine to maintain optimal health. Generally it is recognized that a balanced exercise program of fitness, flexibility and strength will help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, help manage your weight, strengthen bones, improve sleep, increase energy and make you look and feel fantastic!

However, for someone new to exercise, getting going can be a little overwhelming especially if the last time you participated in any structured physical activity was in PE class at High School. To ensure your training experience is a positive one and to avoid your motivation dwindling after your first exercise session, hire a personal trainer to design you a program specific to your needs.

Today having a personal trainer is affordable with a lot of people taking advantage of it. Using a personal trainer will fast track your results by teaching you the right technique and providing structure and monitoring progressions on programs specific to your requirements. The following are some benefits and tips for getting started with personal fitness training and to ensure you find a personal fitness trainer that matches you and your needs.

  1. A professional personal trainer can conduct a full baseline assessment that may include a health questionnaire, body composition, strength tests, core functionality, range of motion and diet and lifestyle analysis. Assessments are a positive way to identify your requirements and anything that may need to be considered before creating a structured program, such as corrective exercise to rehabilitate an existing injury.
  2.  Working with a personal fitness trainer can help you stay motivated and can also keep you accountable. Results are generally just on the other side of your comfort zone and the extra push, motivation and encouragement is very helpful, especially when you have just finished a long day at work and the couch or bar stool are the first thing that springs to mind. Appropriately mixing your program, will not only keep training interesting, but will ensure maximum results. Humans are designed to adapt very fast.” An exercise program that may be difficult initially, becomes easier within weeks. To avoid a training plateau, working with a fitness trainer who can design programs to continually challenge you will yield the best results.
  3.  To get exactly what you want, it is important that you choose the right fitness trainer. If you have a clear goal such as weight loss it would be advised to meet with your potential fitness trainer first to make sure he or she has the expertise in the area of diet and weight loss. Read testimonials and ask for a client case study. Experience and skills vary in the personal training and fitness industry, so by asking questions you should be made to feel more comfortable about using a particular fitness trainer. Not only does your fitness trainer need to be results orientated, it is important that you get along, especially if you are going to be spending some considerable time with them.
  4.  Depending on an individuals goals and budget, personal training works differently for everyone. You may be interested in using a personal trainer, personal fitness training, a fitness trainer, personal training several times a week, or it might be more economical for to see your personal trainer once a fortnight. Either way, using a personal trainer with some form of regularity will give you clarity, support, motivation, consistency, information, structure and accountability.



  1. My mother is planning on going on a trip this summer and she wants to look her best for it. In the article you wrote that a personal trainer will do a quick examination of you and use that information to create a specialized plan for you to succeed in your fitness goals. This would be great, as I know my mother isn’t a health expert, so having that guidance could help her feel confident about the diet and exercise she is doing.

  2. That’s correct! How can we help? If you would like to discuss further, please give us a call.

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