Boomer Boosters – Small Group Training

Boomer Boosters is part of our Small Group Training Program.  These are 45 min. Small Group Training Sessions that focus on improving strength, coordination and balance for adults over 50.  It has a maximum of 8 participants per session and is led by a personal trainer not doing the workout, but focused on you!

Currently Boomer Boosters is held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30am.  To participate, you need to purchase session passes as listed below.  (Current members get 10% off the prices listed below.)  Then just sign up at the front desk for the session.  Don’t wait, it fills up fast 🙂

Boomer Booster Pricing:

1 pass – $15.00

5 Passes – $67.50 – must be used within 2 months of purchase

10 Passes – $120.00 – must be used within 4 months of purchase

20 Passes – $200.00 – must be used within 6 months of purchase

Add HST to above.

Boomer Booster FAQ’s

I don’t want to commit to any term, can I still take the class?
Yes, just pay the drop in fee when you sign up.  Keep in mind the class is limited to 8 and it is first come first served.

Why do I have to pay?  Other classes are free.
Boomer Boosters is part of our small group training program which means you are getting what we would call “modified personal training” at a fraction of the cost of our full service coaching program.  Think of it as a good, better and best scenario.  Free fitness classes are good, Small Group Training (Boomer Boosters) is better and Personal Coaching is the best.  The Boomer Booster sessions are lead by  a Certified Personal Trainer who DOES NOT do the work out with you unlike the free fitness classes.  Additionally, each session has a maximum of 8 participants and is focused on specific goals such as balance, stabilization and proper movement patterns.  You will also be assessed at the beginning of each session based on a modified functional movement screen. This allows the trainer to assess your current movement patterns and establish a level of training that you will work at during the session.   This also provides you with a fitness reference point that instantly indicates a measure of success as you improve each time you repeat the screen.  AND, the sessions are progressive.  That means that they are designed with a purpose and will build on previous work outs so you will always be challenged and see results.  This service is above and beyond what you will experience within a free fitness class and worth every dime!

What age does this type of session cater to?
We tried to make the name somewhat age appropriate and generally promote it to a 50+ group.  That said, anyone who has limited flexibility,  poor balance or is experiencing age related strength deficiencies should really consider this program.  The average age is approximately 60 but it’s more about ability.  Because you are put through a movement screen at the beginning of the session, you will be working at an appropriate level for the entire 45 minutes.  This is the biggest benefit of this type of small group training;  no matter what your age, you will be working within your own ability.

How often should I take the class to see improvement?
Honestly….as often as we can offer it.  There is no substitute for the knowledge, accountability and motivation that a trainer can provide.  Obviously we all have budgetary restrictions but the more you can work with a trainer the better and faster your results will come.  As interest in the class builds the more sessions we will be able to offer.  But for now, once per week is still going to get you fantastic results compared to doing it on your own or in a free fitness class that isn’t modified or designed to get YOU results.