Bring A Friend Fortnight EXTENDED!

I was looking at the list of the fantastic new people that have come through our doors during our Bring A Friend Fortnight.  And then it hit me… I need to step it up!

Obviously those folks that are bringing in friends are doing so because they
are proud of what they do and of the place they are doing it.  And trust me, there are lots of proud members because the list is long!

So, to really show off what we do best and give our guests the VIP treatment I have decided to extend the Fortnight by an additional week!  AND, I’m going to throw in some valuable services to boot!

Here is what I am going to do:

  1. Bring a Friend Fortnight will be extended to Sunday March 23rd. AND,
  2. I’m including a 2 Part Orientation for referring members and their guests

The 2 Part Orientation will include:

  • Part 1: Medicine Ball Warm up, (which includes a hand out and video access for future reference) Cardio training, (which includes use of a Heart Rate Monitor for the session and Target Heart Rate calculation handout) and Strength training (which includes exercise tracking hand outs) with a Trainer.
  • Part 2: Goal setting, Functional Movement Screen and Personal Fitness Plan development with a Trainer.

I am doing this because I really want to thank those that are bringing in friends and to show those friends what we really do best.  And don’t forget, if your guest joins us on or before March 23rd, there is the added bonus of a free month for you and your friend.

To book the 2 Part Orientation,  just speak to one of our front desk staff and you can let your friend know that we have already extended their access to the gym in our system.

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