Christina is now joining the ranks of our Personal Training Team and she is now offering a special introductory rate for new clients. If you are bored with your workouts, looking for a fun and motivational coach then look no more!  Christina can help you reach your goals and provide you all the motivation you've been looking for. Between August 1st and August 21st purchase 6 sessions (1 hour … [Read more...]

Periodization……..What Is It? By Eric Noyes

Have you ever thought that your workouts were boring? Do you find yourself doing the EXACT SAME THING every time you step foot in a gym? Do you feel like you’re just not progressing? Do you spend an hour in the gym 5 days a week for 6 months and lose 5 pounds? Chances are that most of you reading this right now just answered yes to at least one or two of those questions I just asked. If you did … [Read more...]

The Ab Doctor – by Dale Andrew

Recently, I was asked to be the resident professional for an upcoming book on the subject of “How to Get Abs.” In fitness circles, it seems that most people are chasing abs or at the very least interested in learning how to get them. Below is a copy of my interview: Q1: How are the ab muscles different from other muscles in the body? A1: The Rectus Abdominus ("six-pack") is actually broken up … [Read more...]

Why Taking Care of your Teeth and Feet will help YOU live longer !!!! – By C.A. Elliott

In a recent poll of the elderly and their care givers, they were asked...if they could go back and change something or had any regrets regarding their health, what would it be? The surprising answer....Take better care of their FEET and TEETH !!! (Bet you didn't see that one coming !)....but it's True! Many researchers believed many years ago that Gum Disease could lead to Heart Disease. While … [Read more...]

5 Strength Training Mistakes that Kill Progress..By Dale Andrew

I thought I’d share 5 training mistakes that you should avoid if you want to reach your strength training goals. Hopefully, you’re not making too many of them. 1. Inadequate warm-up. A warm-up is much more than jogging on a treadmill or raising core temperature. You should be mobilizing the joints you are about to use, and activating the core. Here is one example of a medicine ball warm-up that … [Read more...]

To Yogurt or not to Yogurt….That is the Question!

We all like to think of yogurt as a healthy breakfast, but as it turns out, many of the most popular yogurt brands have more sugar than a junk food you'd never consider eating.  Navigating the Yogurt aisle these days can be a daunting experience and confusing! The US and Canadian Heart Association recommends that men eat no more than 36 grams of sugar per day, and women no more than 20. One … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About FAT – by Eric Noyes

For most people, the word fat is an ugly word. We all want to lose fat, look better and feel better about ourselves. So the answer should be really simple, if you don’t want to be fat, DON”T EAT FAT right??? Well it may come as a surprise but this is not true. Fats are extremely beneficial to our bodies, as long as we are eating good fats. Fats are used as an energy source in the body, provide a … [Read more...]

“Stronger for Longer” – 5 Age Related Benefits of Resistance Training and WHY it’s important to stay fit as you age !

By Carole Anne Elliott Anyone over the age of 40 should read this blog and hopefully understand why it is SO important to be fit as you age!  The reality is that we can, to a great extent, influence how we age by the choices we make in our daily lifestyle. What we eat, how we move and the lifestyle choices we make contribute to slowly or quickly we age. Fact: 10,000 North Americans are … [Read more...]

The 1% Challenge by Dale Andrew

1%. It seems so insignificant! But, what if you were to make incremental 1% improvements on a day-to-day basis over an extended period of time? For Olympic-level coach, Dr. Greg Wells, it's a concept that he refers to as "the aggregate of 1% gains." "I always tell people that the difference between 20th and 3rd at the Olympics...is usually only about 1%, explains Dr. Greg Wells, an assistant … [Read more...]

Free Foam Rolling Class

Foam Rolling or Self-Myofacial Release is an integral part of every exercise program and should be done as part of every workout.  Foam Rolling is like a deep massage that helps to break up knots (adhesions) and loosen tight muscles. If done properly and regularly, it can provide soothing relief to an aching body. However, as with any part of an exercise plan, there are some do's and don't's … [Read more...]