6 Week Transformer – Jennifer

The 6 week Body Fit Transformation Challenge has been quite a journey for me.  Joining this wonderful group has opened up the doors to new beautiful friends, amazing trainers and reminded me of how much I love to move my body. I feel wonderful.  I have more energy and am happier in my life overall.  I am so glad I decided to take the time to take care of myself.  This program reminded me to eat … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Heather

Today it happens.  I make the commitment to take control of my body.  This was my thought on day 1 of the 6 week challenge.  I felt motivated and ready to meet this face on.  It helped to be doing this program with a friend – we bounced idea’s off each other and helped each other to interpret what we were reading and hearing and learning.  We dragged each other to 6:00 am workouts. Right from … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Melissa

Wow where do I begin. Before my transformation I was in a funk. I didn’t exercise , ate all the wrong things ( way too much fast food) and clearly did not drink enough water as I’m sure most of us don’t. I decided to do this program because I needed to make a change as I didn’t want to continue down the path I was on. I was tired , overweight, hated the way I felt and looked, and hated shopping … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Heather

I signed up for the 6 week challenge because I was not happy with the way I was starting to look. I was going through a lot and I needed something to give me that extra push. I was definitely very nervous to sign up. Signing up for the challenge was the best thing I have done for myself. It was very challenging and definitely took a lot of discipline to stay on track. The challenge was not … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Jackie

What?!  No coffee or tea for SIX weeks?  Are you kidding me?!!  I think that was everyone’s first reaction to the news in our information session - I believe there may have even been a tear shed! Week 1 went well, the workouts were relatively easy and I started to feel a little more energy.  Although I think Meghan & Christina were just taking it easy on us as we were all suffering from a … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Wanda

I’m unbelievably thrilled with the results from this program. Yesterday I weighed in at 17.8 pounds lighter, 13.6 pounds of fat gone!! But I will not pretend this has been easy. Over the past several years I have gained and lost 10 pounds at least four times. I consider myself a fairly active person, but with injuries and a busy life, my eating got out of hand and then so did my weight. Getting … [Read more...]

7 Week Transformer – Marianna

When I started this challenge my simple goal was to kick start my weight loss. What actually happened during this 7 weeks I never dreamed of. I found myself again. The last 10 years of my life has been challenging to say the least and during that 10 years I hid behind the  wall of weight I had built around me. This last 7 weeks I have not only learned many many different exercises and ways to … [Read more...]

7 Week Transformer – Julie

I made the decision to take on this challenge because, truth be told, I did not feel good about myself at all. The sad thing is that as bad as I felt, I wasn’t doing anything to change. My fiancé and I love watching movies and indulging in yummy food, who doesn’t? But at the end of the day, it was taking a toll on my body and self-esteem. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and was feeling … [Read more...]

6 Week Transformer – Doreen

I was at a wedding last night and everybody that knows me said "you look fabulous" I'd reply thank you and tell them about the transformation challenge and how I got involved. Two years ago my son got married and as a good mom I wanted to look my best so off to the gym I went pays for 72 trainer sessions and worked hard three times a week . Yes I toned up but nothing crazy. Was still a size … [Read more...]

7 Week Transformer – Hailey

Before I started the challenge, I was using food as my comfort. It was my thing that I did when I was bored, sad, and happy. It didn’t matter what emotion I was feeling, I just ate. I’ve been big ever since I can remember and I had tried many times to lose the weight so when I first heard about the 7 week transformation challenge, I knew it would be a good thing me. The challenge allowed to … [Read more...]