Group Fit(ness) by Dale Andrew

While physical activity and sport have been around for much longer, the term “fitness” was popularized by 19th century naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin.  Darwin simply used the word “fit” to indicate that you were part of an ecological group or social belonging that allowed you to be able to continue living on the planet.  Not surprisingly, there was no mention of fat loss or gyms. In recent years, fitness has become more and more focused on beauty and weight loss.  It has become so individualistic that the concept of improving health in a socially connected group has largely been lost altogether.


For most of my life, and over 10,000 sessions, I have created individualized programs and primarily worked with one person at a time, achieving amazing results!  As a fitness coach, I have always marveled at how helping a person to improve their fitness can positively change how they look at themselves and the world around them.  But, with a growing family, my time has seemingly become more limited, and I have often wondered how can I help more people?


In reality, I have no less time than anyone else, only the power to choose how I want to spend it.  Partner and small group training (3-5) sessions have allowed me to add more value to more people’s lives, while providing the personalized attention, coaching, and results that my private training clients have come to expect…at a fraction of the cost!  I am excited that I can help more people to get FIT, and also create a place where they feel they FIT.


Creating fitness programs based on the social aspects, and creating those little groups and communities allows my clients to tap into that sense of belonging and shared experience that makes us all human.  But, to be clear, I am not talking about a traditional fitness class or workout of the day where everyone simply does the same thing. I am focused on accomplishment, not just activity. The rewards for making excellence your minimum standard are great!  Many people feel like they don’t belong, or feel like they’re alone in their daily struggle.  Just ask yourself, “What could you accomplish with the power and support of a group that shares similar needs, wants, and goals?  What will you achieve?  How will your life be different?”


Dale Andrew, M.A., CSCS, is a Master Coach at Body Fit Health Club.  If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact Dale by email at

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