Hang Training

hang trainingHang Training  is not Personal Training and it is not your standard Fitness Class.  It is small group circuit training like no other.

Hang Training was founded for a purpose, to carry out a mission, to make exercise fun!

Body Fit is very proud to introduce the newest and most innovative  tools to the fitness industry to date…The Post Up Hang Training System, now installed in our new 660 sqft Group Training Room named “THE HANGER”.

For a sneak peak at what is about to revolutionize your training routine, check out the video below.


Small Group Training has become increasingly more popular in the fitness industry.  People are realizing that exercise can be FUN!!  It doesn’t have to be a difficult or boring.  Exercise should bring the same feeling of play when you were a kid.  Moving, jumping and hanging around the playground is a past time that has been brought back thanks to Hang Fitness.

Body Fit has entered this market with a bang.  Renovating a room that is perfect for Small Group Training and centered around the Hang Training Post.  Incorporating systems from TRX, Lebert Fitness and Dynamax to name a few, these classes take shape around small groups of no more than 8.  Using the Principals of Functional Fitness as the foundation of each session, participants pull, push, hang and play in intervals for approximately 45 minutes.

The only experience you need is one you already have…..being a kid.

Every class is lead by a Certified Personal Trainer whose job is to motivate you to safely and effectively exercise your whole body without you knowing it!   The goal is to prepare you for everyday life.  We don’t move in linear patterns and rarely do we use only one muscle group when doing day to day tasks.  But day in and day out people spend ours exercising specific muscle groups by isolating them with machines.

Strengthening large muscle groups is not a bad thing it’s just not the only thing you should be doing.  Generally speaking it leads to imbalances and puts you at risk for injury.  Adding Functional Movements to your routine will prepare your body for more than bench pressing at the office or or doing calf raises in the elevator.  See what I’m getting at??  Move the way you would normally move and strengthen the body for what we throw at it every day.

So are you ready to give it a try??

3, 2, 1…. It’s Hang Time!!

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