Help Us Help Kids!

Twice per year there are line-ups of people handing over thousands and thousands of dollars at the arena.  I am referring to registration nights for organized sports and recreation.

Thousands of kids sign up for house league sports and the parents happily write a cheque.  It’s like clock work.

But not for all.

I’ve been coaching youth baseball in town for a few years now and 2 summers ago I was approached by one of my players parents.  I was asked if I could write a letter on their behalf so their child could play hockey.

I knew the family outside of baseball and was aware that money was always tight.  Paying for their child’s registration fees would have been a real struggle without the help of this one particular charity that has flown under the radar….at least for me.

I am referring to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program.

Twice per year Canadian Tire Jumpstart provides a grant up to a maximum of $300 per qualifying child per session (i.e., spring/summer, fall/winter) to the non-profit or charitable organization coordinating the sport or recreational activity. Since each child’s financial needs are unique, Canadian Tire Jumpstart’s grant goes towards equipment, registration and/or transportation costs.

The money to provide the funding comes from many sources including private donations, special events and in-store fund raisers.  But what really inspired me to want to help was that all the money that is raised in town stays in town.

Anyway, I was very happy to write the letter and even happier that I was introduced to the program.

Since then I am pleased to say that we are putting our support behind the Jumpstart Progam and here is how we are doing it:

1) From the sale of every small bottle of water at Body Fit, 50 cents will go directly to the program.

2) A portion of the proceeds from Mudnewton will also go to Jumpstart.

The water needs no explanation but I really want to encourage local participation in the first annual Mudnewton trail run.  Both myself and my very good friend Erin Bennett, also from Uxbridge, are co-promoting Ontario’s newest trail run.  Some may remember a cross country ski facility called Woodnewton which is located on the 6th concession just south of Wagg road.

For many years thousands of local and out of town skiers made their way around some of the most well designed trials on private property.  The resort closed in the early 80’s but the trails are still there.

Since Erin acquired this beautiful 200 acre parcel of land it has been his vision to revitalize the trails and share them with the public.  Due to the restrictions of the Oakridges Morraine Act and other limitations this can only be done a couple times per year.

Last year the property hosted the Ontario Mountain Bike Championships promoted by Chico racing.  Participants came from all over Ontario to ride this spectaclar venue and they were not disappointed.  This year a second race was held which drew even larger crowds.

On September 3rd, 2011 Woodnewton will be hosting it’s last event of the year…Mudnewton.  Erin and I have choosen to donate a large portion of the proceeds to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Program.

Knowing that every dollar donated from Uxbridge stays in Uxbridge, we really want to encourage local participation in this super fun 5 or 10km trail run that will be littered with cool and challenging obstacles.   Our registration fees are very low compared to other similar races and if you enter the Promo code BODYFIT you will receive an additional discount.  If you refer friends, you get in for FREE!

So,  spread the word and register at or you can also make a donation directly to our Jumpstart event here.


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