July 13, 2011

At Uxbridge Boot Camp, it was all about Density Blocks – if you’re not familiar, it’s a lot like Lego.  On second thought, it’s nothing like Lego!  Density Blocks are a favourite training technique of mine that I use to increase work capacity.  It’s really nothing more than a time-based task, as you must perform as many rounds of an exercise or series as you can in a given amount of time.

Simple.  But very effective!

Today, each member of Uxbridge Boot Camp completed each of the following 5-Minute Density Blocks:

  • Block 1: 25m MB Toss and Run
  • Block 2: 10 Rope Obliques and 10 Russian MB Twist
  • Block 3: 10 KB Swings and 5 KB Renegade Rows each
  • Block 4: Tire Flips (3 individual or 5 team) and 10 Push-Ups
  • Block 5: 10 Bench Dips and 5 Bulgarian Split Squats each

As Motivational Bully, and CrossFit Level 1  trainer, I remind you that Fitness is really the pursuit of increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  Our Uxbridge Boot Camp workouts consist of constantly varied functional movements always performed with high intensity!

Come get some!

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