July 29, 2011

No sooner than I had mentioned how great the weather had been for this month’s Uxbridge Boot Camp, the skies opened up and reminded me that I could not “Bully” Mother Nature!

Of course, the rain did not stop us from playing a game of Uxbridge Boot Camp Baseball: 10 Jumping Jacks at 1st Base, 10 Jump Squats at 2nd Base, 10 Push-Ups at 3rd Base, and 10 Burpees to score a run at Home Plate!

The we ventured to “Four Corners of Hell” with a 20 minutes workout:

  1. Rope and Rope Jumps
  2. KB Swings and Jumping Jacks
  3. DB Push Press and DB Renegade Row
  4. Tire Sledge Hits and Push Ups

Excellent work everyone!

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