July 6, 2011

Today, at Uxbridge Boot Camp, with the sun peering through the clouds, we paid tribute to Garrett Styles, dedicating our collective effort to his memory with the Garrett Styles Hero Workout.

As you are likely aware, Constable Garrett Styles, the York Regional Police officer who died Tuesday after a traffic stop, was laid to rest yesterday.  Being just a year older than Garrett was with a wife also named Melissa, I can’t help but feel for his family, and especially for his Uncle Wayne – my friend “Gretz”.

Garrett Styles Hero Workout:

  • TRX Row
  • Push-Ups
  • 25m Sled Drag + Run

The Uxbridge Boot Camp athletes performed this workout in relay fashion completing a combined 282 Rows and 270 Push-Ups in just 10 minutes.  This was quite impressive, considering the “Kettlebell Hell” that I had already put them through.

Thank you for your effort and Thank You Garrett!


  1. Thanks Dale! I am sore already..

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