June 15, 2011 – Uxbridge Boot Camp “Bring A Friend Night”

Today was “Bring A Friend Night” at Uxbridge’s Athletes Only Boot Camp, and after tonight I hope you are all still friends:)  It was a great success in part because everyone paid attention and helped the newbies along.

The rookies held their own and worked hard as we went through 3 min rounds of alternating 30 sec each between:

#1: TRX Row and Jumping Jacks

#2: KB Warrior Lunge and Leg Scissors

#3: Battling Ropes and Jump Squats

#4 Sledge Hammer Hits on the Tire and Burpees

But we didn’t stop there…we hit a 10 minute Team Challenge that featured:

Push-Ups —> Tire Flips with a jump in and out—>KB Swing—>Run!

The crumbled heaps that composed the sweaty aftermath made me happy:), indeed!  Great work everyone!


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