June 24, 2011

The Uxbridge Boot Camp’s June session came to an end today, and the rain stayed away long enough once again to let us do our thing in relative comfort.

We hit a Medicine Ball Toss Circuit before performing Kettlebell Cards and then the “3 Musketeers Workout”:

Station #1: Ropes (Undulating and X-over) with MB Side Jumps

Station #2: DB (Thruster and Rotational Squats) with MB Split Jumps

Station #3: Tire (Sledgehammer) with MB Jump Squats

It’s been really fun working with all of you over the last 4 weeks!  It’s been fun to watch how much you have improved and how hard you all work with little complaint…considering what I put you all through!

I look forward to seeing all of you again soon!


  1. I was surprised there was only THREE of us at the final workout. lol jeez

    thanks a lot Dale! it was amazing, and i really enjoyed it! You did great, and thank you for making it JUST the right intensity 🙂

    Great job everyone, we made it!

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