June 9, 2011

Some dates hold more significance than others, as past events are forever linked with that day moving forward.  For me June 9th is such a day.  It takes me back to a day 9 years ago, when I got the news that my dad had died from a heart attack!  He was only 54.  My life has never been the same since, and I miss him a little more every day, but especially so, today, June 9th.

Today, as a group at Uxbridge Boot Camp, we performed “The John Andrew Hero Workout” in memory of my hero, the original “Motivational Bully!”

“John Andrew Hero Workout”: Team Challenge – Two teams (5 vs. 4) battled each other and themselves for 20 minutes, as they moved through a 5 station circuit, adding reps to their teams total:

  • Rope
  • Bench Step-Ups
  • KB High Pull + Squat
  • Sandbag Shouldering
  • Sled Row to cone + Run Back

Thanks to everyone for giving your ALL and not saving it for tomorrow!  Luckily June 9th only comes around once a year!  I leave you with a motivational clip from an otherwise bad movie “Any Given Sunday” that rings true today! Turn your speakers UP and remove small children from the room — language warning:

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