Labour Day Sale Details

Labour Day Holiday Deals


Introducing the 9 Month Membership

We know that lots of folks like to take the summer “off”.  In other words, take your workouts outside of the gym during the summer months 😉

To help accommodate, we are introducing the 9 month membership that will only be available for purchase during the month of September.  Priced right between the 6 month and the annual, it’s the most affordable option that covers you for the uglier months of the year😉

It can be purchased in full or by monthly payment:

  • 9 Month Full Pay – $540 plus HST
  • 9 Month paid Monthly – $49 finance fee and $60 per month plus tax

Special 9 Month Introductory Labour Day Price:

  • $499 plus tax if paid in full
  • NO Finance Fee and just pay the $60 per month plus tax


Labour Day Deals  New and Current Members:

Referral Rewards are Doubled!! If you bring in a new member and they purchase a 6 month or annual membership on September 4th, you get 2 MONTHS added to your current membership!

(Referring member must be in good standing and hold current membership prior to September 4th.)


Double the term of your current summer membership for 20% OFF!

  • If you currently have a 2, 3 or 4 month summer membership, buy the same one again for 20% off.

Youth (17 and under)

  • One month memberships only $69.00


Sale prices valid on Monday September 4th Only! Call in to purchase

if you can’t make it in personally.

Add HST to prices above.

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