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DaleProud father, athlete, highly respected strength and conditioning coach, and author, Dale is a Master Coach at Body Fit Health Club, located in Uxbridge, Ontario. Training athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors, Dale has dedicated himself to helping them elevate beyond their potential.

“Most people think as a fitness coach, my job is to teach someone how to perform a bicep curl, and so on.  I used to think that, too. But over the last 15 years, I’ve learned that it’s really a lot more than that.

 My job is to help them discover that greatness inside of them, who they are, and help them move forward in a world that needs them to move, and do whatever it is that they are meant to do. Fitness and exercise are the medium that I use to help people feel something good about themselves…to catch fire…the confidence that they can make their best better…that they can do anything!”
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Eric hangerEric graduated from Sir Sandford Fleming College with a Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion and is currently completing his Bachelor of Health Science in Kinesiology at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology.Eric believes in taking a functional approach to training. He feels that we must train our bodies to move and not just lift weights. People should be able to do more in life as they get older and not less. Eric feels that by training to move and training to be functional, when we call on our bodies to live life to the fullest, our bodies will be prepared and will not hold us back.Eric enjoys educating clients on how to make fitness & health a lifestyle and not just a temporary fix. He doesn’t just make people sweat; he provides them with the tools and knowledge for them to make working out and eating right a long term habit. Eric is extremely dedicated to his clients and their goals and will do what it takes to make sure that they see real results.
To connect with Eric for a 15 minute consult to discuss how he can help you, he can be reached at


carole anneCarole Anne has been a resident of Uxbridge for over 43 years and has been a member of Body Fit for over 15 years!    She is an avid runner, triathlete, surfer, and enjoys riding her motorcycle.
“My own personal journey incorporating fitness into my life has shown me the value of staying fit and also active as we age.   It truly is a Lifestyle choice and the best one you will ever make!    One of my greatest joys is working with people and watching them transform their body when they previously thought they couldn’t.  It CAN be done !
Body Fit is a community of sorts.  It’s like “Cheers” without the alcohol!   People are friendly, know you by name, and truly care about each other.  You can’t say that about many gyms.  If you see me walking around, never be afraid to stop and ask me for assistance!
I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love and in my hometown.”“Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone”
To connect with Carole Anne for a 15 minute consult to discuss how she can help you, she can be reached at


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Christina may come across quiet but she will sure pack a punch in your workout to get the results that you’ve always wanted. Christina loves to help people any time she can and will put others first to make sure their needs are met. Fitness aside, Christina also has some hidden talents of her own.  She loves to paint and do woodworking on her spare time (if any).

” Surprisingly I have not always been into the fitness atmosphere. I used to be 35lbs over weight and was tired of my old pants not being able to fit any more so I made it my goal to never fit into my “fat pants” again and i have certainly achieved that goal for many years. This was about 8 years ago when all of this happened for me and ever since then I have made it my goal in life to help others get the results their looking for and feel as good as i did/do. Working at Body Fit has given me that extra support to achieve that goal of helping others. Watch out here I come!”

To connect with Christina for a 15 minute consult to discuss how she can help you, she can be reached at

 JennJennifer has enjoyed transferring her passion for teaching and her own fitness goals into helping others to work to find their own physical and emotional potential and depth through fitness and wellness.
She enjoys a multitude of physical activities including running, cycling, weight lifting and martial arts.
Jennifer is both a group Fitness Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer and loves the challenge that each discipline provides as she works to help motivate members and clients to reach their ultimate potential.
Outside of her gym life, Jennifer is a professional musician and the proud mother to three wonderful daughters.

To connect with Jennifer for a 15 minute consult to discuss how she can help you, she can be reached at