Open House Pricing For The Hanger!

Pricing can play a huge role in your decision to buy…..particularly if you know what you are buying.  So, my question is, do you know what you are buying??

Hang Training web bannerThe Hang Training System is still very new to the market and therefore trying to find comparables is not as easy as simply typing it into Google and hitting enter.  So, where do you go to find out what it’s worth??  Is it similar to something else or is this so different that the price of admission is what ever people will pay??

Trust me, we had a hard time trying to value the service knowing that it’s an extension of personal training which can exceed $80 per hour (and yes people pay this without blinking an eye).  But,  Hang Training is best experienced in a Small Group setting similar to Cross Fit or Boot Camps which have a regular schedule of classes and can range anywhere from $159 to $200 plus per month.  What sets Hang Training apart from anything else is the style of training.  It is the ultimate in Functional Fitness (Google that one for more info) and is centralized around a stationary piece of equipment that you will not find at any out door boot camp or Cross Fit facility anywhere.

So, in my opinion, it’s better than any other type of Small Group Training.  It has smaller class sizes, it is safe for anyone at any age and can incorporate literally hundreds of different exercises which makes it way more FUN!  It will be 3 times per week with multiple class times giving you the most flexibility to schedule all that fun!

Now that you have some sort of idea about what you are getting, what kind of a price tag should Hang Training come with??   Have you Googled it yet??  I encourage you to do so because when you see the One Day Only prices at the open house you’ll know you are getting a crazy deal.

Because the special pricing is so special, it’s only available for the first 24 people!!

Hope to see you at the open house tonight between 5 and 9PM.

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