Physician Communication Program


If we had a pill that contained all the benefits of exercise, it would be the most widely prescribed drug in the world.”…Ronald M Davis, MD President AMA

There is a global health initiative that began in 2007 called “Exercise is Medicine”.  The abundance of  research identifying physical inactivity as a pandemic, has far-reaching health, economic, environmental and social consequences.  This initiative was brought about to make a systematic change through changing entire health care systems.

At Body Fit we believe that this change will have the most impact if it starts right in the Doctors office.  However, we also understand that a Doctors traditional scope of practice does not include comprehensive pre-exercise assessments or preparing exercise programs for their patients.  What Doctors and health care providers need is a simple system to “prescribe” exercise to their patient.

A system that in a few easy steps:

  1. Identifies a patient’s profile and areas of concern.
  2. Provides a method for the patient to bring that information to a Certified Professional to begin the appropriate course of action and
  3. Provides status updates to the Doctors for review upon future appointments.

That system is our Physician Communication PROGRAM

How it Works…

There are typically 3 different ways that you can become a part of our Physician Communication Program:

  1. Through referral from a doctor or physical therapist.
  2. Through our communication with your physician on your behalf.
  3. Through a referral from an insurance adjuster or case manager working directly with a client requiring a treatment plan.

No matter how you are introduced to us, we begin the process by writing a letter to your care provider.  This initial communication will address several keys areas.  We will first note your primary goals for utilizing our services and then outline the activities you will be performing under our supervision to achieve the listed goals.

Next we will list the known medications that you have made us aware of and request confirmation  of that list.  We are always conscious of medications that will affect heart rate, response to exercise and diet.

If you have been referred directly to us by a Doctor or Physical Therapist via our Communication Program,  recommendations and restrictions to specific exercises or movements will already be noted.  If not, we will ask the care provider to identify any that may be  affected by the activities initially listed that we have not identified in our initial assessment.

Finally, we include your authorization to communicate with the health care  provider and an area for the health care  provider to “Approve” the exercise protocol as outlined with any recommendations or restrictions listed.


Our program doesn’t just stop with the initial referral and contact with the health care provider.  Upon receiving confirmation of our initial communication, the health care provider will also advise us how often they wish to be updated on the status of their patient.  Typically it will be every 4-6 weeks and correspondence will be sent by the preferred method of the health care provider such as fax, letter mail or e-mail.

In the follow-up we will address changes in typical health indicators such as blood pressure, body composition, mobility issues, resting heart rate and heart rate recovery after exercise.  Any further areas of concern that may have been discovered, addressed or requested by the health care provider will also be updated.

How to get involved…

 We know you are busy and our system  is just as easy as filling a prescription for medication.  We  provide Physicians with a Prescription for Exercise Referral pad that allows them to make note of specific known conditions and personal comments along with simple instructions for you,  the patient,  on how to take action.  Once you bring the Prescription for Exercise to the Front Desk at Body Fit Health Club we will take care of the rest!

If your Doctor has recommended exercise but isn’t aware of our system, we can start the ball rolling.  A simple form, authorized by you, can be sent out advising your Doctor of your participation and assessment results.  We will take care of the follow-up and future communication.  Your Doctor will simply keep these notes for future reference.

If you would like to learn more about our Physician Communication Program, we would be happy to schedule a personal  meeting with you  at your convenience or you can simply call and ask for Andy. 905-852-6175.