Pumpkin Power! FREE Workout

pumpkin3gifwebFall is here.

The leaves are changing. The swim suit’s been put away for a while now, and you’re probably sporting a nice BIG sweater.

After all, this is the time of year that most Canadians begin eating like bears
preparing to hibernate, packing on FAT to stay warm for another cold winter.
Between Thanksgiving and New Years, it has been reported that the average Canadian can gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds! Well, I believe that Halloween is the tipping point for our seasonal struggle with our weight.

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So, to help you take control this year (and avoid long line-ups at the gym this
January…AGAIN), I am going to reveal my original 31 powerful exercises and 3 amazing full body toning workouts AND one BRAND NEW killer circuit (created by our newest team member, Jennifer Neveu-Cook) that you can do with just a PUMPKIN!

You may be asking yourself, Why use a pumpkin?

Well, why the heck not!

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, and you can pick one up for about 5 bucks this
time of year!

And, a pumpkin is really just a big, orange, weighted medicine ball with an expiry date.

Medicine balls have been used as an effective training tool by strength coaches for
decades to improve overall conditioning, core strength, and functional fitness.

The fancier isolation machines at the gym make it easy to forget that most of
life’s chores don’t happen sitting on your BUTT, with total control.

Carrying groceries, picking up the kids, raking the leaves, and shoveling the snow are
just a few examples of full body exercises that happen on your feet.

Your training should reflect that. So, take your MEDICINE!

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Take the orange pill at the gym. Take the orange pill at home.

But, take it and have FUN with it.

It might not taste good, but it’s good for you!
I promise.

But, I’ll let you decide if this is more trick or treat!

Happy Halloween and Happy

Dale Andrew
Fat Loss Expert

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