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Does this sound like you?
You just joined the gym.  Maybe you’ve worked out before, maybe not.  You go through the fitness assessment and feel that you would rather do it all on your own than pay for someone to show you.  You’ll save money and really, how hard can it be??

So you venture out onto the floor and hop on the treadmill or some other cardio machine.  You follow the prompts on the screen, hit start and away you go.  As you work up a sweat you watch the other members using the strength machines.  Some look like ones you used back in college or high school but others look totally strange.

Then the machine you are on beeps at you and stops.  Your 20 minutes are up.  Now, what?  You walk out on the floor and check out the machines.  Ahh, there is a little instruction card on the machine with a little picture.  Should be easy enough.  So you lie down, hook your ankles in and start pushing….or was that pulling??  You can’t see that little instruction card anymore so you just go with it.  You figure, if I am feeling it, it should be working, right?

After a quick 10 reps you look a round for the next machine you are going to conquer.   This goes on for about half and hour.  You feel like you’ve done something and you hit the showers.  This “routine” continues for about a month and you may notice a few changes.  Most of those changes come from no longer trying to figure out the machines and sticking with the easy to use treadmill or elliptical  machine because at least they tell you what to do.

But by the time month 2 rolls around you are getting bored. You want to ask for help but you had already said you could do it on your own and would rather spare the shame of admitting it’s harder than it looks.  So three visits per week drops to two, and then before you know it, it’s been a week since you were at the gym.

If this scenario sounds all too familiar, DON’T YOU WORRY! We understand that there is nothing more discouraging than to join a gym and not know what to do.  WE HAVE THE SOLUTION!

This is why we have launched our NEW Online Training Option.  We are giving every current member online access to our NEW Master Trainer Designed Complimentary Program.  Now you can try it on your own but with just a little professional guidance to get you started right.

And we are taking it a step further – we are now offering you the opportunity to be introduced to all the machines in the weightroom by a Certified Trainer.  Additionally, if you bring your online program with you, we will make special note of those exercises and what you need to know so that you are following your program properly. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will have seen results, but now your body will begin to adapt.  In order to continue seeing results, you need to change it up.  For as little as $29.00 per month we have built an entire data base of about 6 years worth of exercise routines for all different ability levels, goals and sports.  You name it, we have.  If we don’t,  we can build it…no extra charge.

So how do you get started?? To obtain your username and password which will give you access to the FREE program just enter your name and e-mail below.  Within 1 business day we will send you your login information and you’ll have full access to the program.  You can track your workouts,  see the animations for each exercise and even print out the whole program so you can bring it into the gym with you.

So what are you waiting for….?? It’s FREE and it’s the coolest thing that we have added to your membership to help make your experience that much better!

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