Personal Training

Our highly trained, certified, and professional staff will take into consideration what makes you different from everyone else. Unlike most weight-loss plans or exercise facilities, you will have a personal trainer who can customize an exercise program based on the results of your FREE 1 hour consultation of specialized tests of fitness and body composition.

Then you will be guided through the whole process of achieving your goal with regular evaluation and necessary adjustments to your program. If you are serious about the commitment, we can guarantee REAL RESULTS! Working in conjunction with our fitness program, we guarantee to break the dreaded plateau and increase your energy levels.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, or obtaining that competitive edge, the Real Results Program delivers results backed by science and a track record of satisfied clients.

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But you ask: “Who needs Personal Training?

1 – Beginner Exercisers: To learn correct exercise techniques and the proper combination of cardiovascular resistance and flexibility training components of an effective workout. This concentrated attention creates healthy patterns of behaviour for those who are just beginning as well as re-entry exerciser.

2- Intermediate Exercisers …often plateau in their exercise routines. Our experienced personal trainers will show you new techniques that will allow you to “shake up” your current program and advance to the next level.

3 – Advanced Exercisers …use personal training to achieve individual goals. Whether you are preparing for success at a sport-specific event, or you want to try a new activity requiring a higher level of fitness, our experienced personal trainers will help you plan and execute an effective training schedule.

4 – Rehabilitation: Our personal trainers can work with your doctor, physiotherapist, and other health care professionals to move you off the injured list and back into an exercise routine.

So really, EVERYONE can benefit from personal training!

Experts agree that those who exercise with a trainer are more likely to adhere to their fitness program than those who do not use a personal trainer. Body Fit trainers will help you to:

  • Stay motivated and committed to your workout program
  • Decrease total body-fat percentage and strengthen your muscular system.
  • Increase lean body mass.
  • Gain muscular strength.
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Reduce risk of injury by learning proper techniques.
  • Build confidence and a sense of well being.

But then you follow up with “How much Personal Training do I need?”
You and your trainer will schedule out the number of sessions that fits into your lifestyle. This schedule will depend on your goals, available time and finances. Some people do each of their exercise sessions with their trainer, others just once or twice per week and some as little as once per month – this is a choice that your trainer will advise you on, but of course, the final decision is yours.

And then you start to think, “So how do I get started?”
Start TODAY! It’s as easy as a point and click – honestly!  Click here!