Where It All Starts
Uxbridge NutritionFood preferences, tastes and meal frequency habits start developing in our early years when the family gathers around the table for meals. What foods were served? Was the diet balanced containing vegetables, lean meats and fruits or was it fried foods, bread and butter, meats high in saturated fat and sweets? Healthy eating is an educational process. This education may be used to meet personal weight control goals but also can be passed down to children and loved ones so healthy habits begin sooner rather than later in life.

Menu Planning
Our programs will help you understand what foods are best to include in your eating program. It will help establish new eating and food choice habits. Eating habits typically consist of eating the same foods over and over again. This is called your Circle of Foods Our menu plans may introduce you to new foods to replace foods that may be unhealthy choices. Your weight management specialist will provide professional guidance to identify which program is right for you.

Our Services
Our weight management service begins with an initial consultation to collect personal profile data about your current body composition, goals, professional activity, exercise activity and eating habits. From this information, we will be able to provide the following information:

  • Estimated number of calories you typically consume
  • Identify deficiencies in vitamins & minerals
  • Estimated calories needed to meet your personal weight control goals
  • Provide meal plans and grocery lists designed to meet your health & fitness goals
  • Establish a realistic date to reach your targeted body weight goal
  • Educational and motivational handouts


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