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I am reaching out to you today for two reasons.  The first is to introduce a new concept in running your business remotely in Uxbridge and the second is to introduce a new way of building your business in Uxbridge.  Both are directly related to your health….and your sanity!  The subject to this e-mail is actually a homonym. (two meanings)

The new concept is called Tree House Business Centres.  80% of adults living in Uxbridge commute to work.  It’s a sacrifice made in order to live in this fantastic community.  Have you ever calculated the impact of your commute??  You can actually put a dollar figure on it and the tool can be found later in this post.

More and more people who come see us at Body Fit are caught in a constant juggling act with their time.  One of the biggest obstacles is work.

We all have to work and those that commute have learned to either accept it or just live with it because there is no other alternative….or is there??

How many people do you you know that have said, “I’m not going in today, I’m working from home.”  It reminds me of a book I read a while ago called, “The World Is Flat”, by Thomas Friedman.  The main message is that business can be done anywhere in the world with anyone in the world without travelling the world to do it.

Building on that idea, three local business men have created TreeHouse Business Centres.   Professional, shared office space allowing you to work close to home, full time or part-time, rather than commuting 5 days per week.  No need to convert the kitchen table to an office desk, and no need to worry about how your house looks if clients have to come over for a meeting, just bring the laptop and you’re set!

Their flagship location is celebrating an open house on Saturday May 5th from 1-6pm.  It’s located at 99 Brock Street West just above the Credit Union on the second floor. (entrance at the back)

So where is the double meaning??

What I just wrote was something all local businesses need to be doing.  Working together and promoting each others’ businesses to their own clients.  Promoting the shop locally campaign is fine but we need to collectively work together or we will be seeing more “Space For Rent” signs in town.

I have developed a very simple system that we each can use to cross-promote one another.  And that’s the secret to our mutual success…the system.

The primary reason most referral relationships never work the way you’d hope is because there is no systematic process to follow.  It’s ‘catch as catch can.’  And ultimately, nobody has time for that.  We’re all too busy and too focused on our own businesses to remember to refer to someone else.

But when you have an automated system in place, it becomes a piece of cake. Not only to refer your strategic partners, but more importantly…to receive referrals from your partners.

You see, the system makes it simple and easy…and provides accountability…so you know you will not just be giving…but also getting! If you are interested in getting a steady stream of pre-qualified referrals not just from me…but from multiple other sharp business people here in Uxbridge…then you and I need to talk…immediately.

Oh, I almost forgot to give you this little tool.  It’s called the Commute Impact Calculator and can be found at the link below:

Commute Impact Calculator



Andy Luukkonen

Owner, Body Fit Health Club



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