June 1, 2011

Today, some at Uxbridge’s Athletes Only Boot Camp were feeling a bit sore, but a good group was wanting more.

So, Uxbridge’s Motivational Bully unleashed his “Bermuda Triangle of Torture,” as each member passed through 3 circuits of Kettlebell, Tire, and TRX with complaints disappearing like a plane within the triangle in favour of sweet, sweet oxygen!

KB – 2 Rounds of 30 seconds on KB Squat + High Pull, Double Swing, Sunrise/Sunset, Alternating Single Swing, Walking Lunge, Double Traveling Swing!

Tires – As many Rounds as possible of 5 Flips (as team or individual), 10 Push-ups, 15 Jumps up on the Tire!

TRX – As many Rounds as possible of 10 reps TRX Low Row, 10 Bench Dips, Box Drill!

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