June 16, 2011

Today at Uxbridge Boot Camp, it got a bit explosive, as in Flat Speed Drills (3 x 20m, 3 x 30m) and Multi-Med Ball Partner Throws in which Sue M. was overpowered by Rhonda B., or “She-Man!” as Sue nicknamed her!  True blog worthy material:)

Next on deck at Uxbridge Boot Camp was a workout I called “Jump The Line“:

Station #1: One minute each of Ab Zags & Alternating KB Swings with 30 sec Plank X-Overs in between

Station #2: One minute each of Bear Hug Lunges & Cobra Push-Ups with 30 sec Skater Hops

We finished with a group run, and Dylan R. even took a victory lap, but this time I slowed him down with a 40 pound vest!  Awesome job everyone!

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