June 17, 2011

With another beautiful Friday at Uxbridge Boot Camp, it seems most opted to take the day off?  Not to be a Bully, but commitment isn’t something you just do when it’s convenient.

Am I wrong?

I’m sure those that showed up may have rather been somewhere else, but instead they chose to grind it out in the evening sun, no matter the “inconvenience.” They took a step towards their goals, today. Did you? Or did you take a step, or two, or ten away from them?

Today at Uxbridge Boot Camp, we did a workout I call “Black Friday,” as we hit 3 rounds of the following circuit that worked everyone to the very last minute:

Kettlebell: 30 seconds each of Squat + Press, Double Swing, Sunrise-Sunset, R/L Swings, Walking Lunges

Tire/BW: 5 Flips, 10 Push-Ups, 10 Jump Squats (Round One: 3 min, Round Two: 2 min, Round Three: 1 min)

TRX/BW: 10 TRX Chest Press, 10 Bench Dips, 3 Cone Drill (Round One: 3 min, Round Two: 2 min, Round Three: 1 min)

Thanks to everyone who showed up at Uxbridge Boot Camp and gave it their all.  Your dedication will pay off!


  1. So sorry I missed “Black Friday”. Guess it was 10 steps back for me! But at least I got my load of top soil spread out around the gardens.

    Heave ho
    and away I go
    with my wheel barrow!
    Back is sore,
    played socc-orr,
    Guess I’ll have to go back to Boot Camp
    and “GIVE – Errrrr”

    so I didn’t step back too much!

    See ya’ll tomorrow night (as I have an engagement with the hubby and kids – BBQ’n it tonight!) YUM!!

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