June 2, 2011

Today, the legs got a bit of a chance to recover from the “torture” of yesterday, as the Bully had a momentary lapse of compassion, with some lower body mobility drills.

And then it was onto Tabata Intervals with Battling Ropes and Burpees, which made everyone seem to appreciate just how long 20 seconds can be!  And there are still people out there that say they don’t have time to exercise?!  Of course, their idea of “exercise” is probably a “little” different than mine.

The battle between Lynne R. and Karen T. was a great sight to see…looking forward to the rematch ladies!  We finished with 12 minutes of a Team Relay that left everyone hanging, dipping, swinging, hammering, dragging, running, and glad time had run out!

Team Relay – 5 Stations:

  • Ring row
  • Bench Dips
  • KB Swings
  • Sledge Hammer Hits on the Tire
  • Sled Drag + Run

Great effort everyone!  Also remember, this Saturday at 12:00 noon, I am offering a BONUS Technical Lesson for Uxbridge Boot Campers that want to come out and practice their technique on any of the training tools we used over this week as a reward for your patience and hard work.  It’s optional and free but I’ll be accepting donations for Heart and Stroke, if you want to sponsor me for the Big Bike next Wednesday.

And hey, if you don’t want to see me or the tools of torture again until Monday, I understand:)

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