June 20, 2011

As we head into the final week at Uxbridge Boot Camp, it’s time to expect the unexpected.  With no tires in sight, some were relieved, but only for a short while as we hit a 10 minute Team Challenge Relay :

Push-Ups —>Switch Bench Step-Ups—>KB Swings—>Run!

Katie and Alex used their minds to drag their bodies along, while Donna chased down Mike with great effort!

And then it was time for “Dopes on the Ropes” -(Just kidding, but I’ve been saving that one for 3 weeks:):

2 minute Round: 20 sec each of Double Slams, Alternating, Crossovers, Forward Circles, Backward Circles, Jumping Jacks

Add a Dumbbell and KB Circuit to the mix and you’ve got one ominous start to the week!

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