June 21, 2011

Today was particularly tough at Uxbridge Boot Camp, as there was little time for talking as oxygen was the order of the day.  After warm-up, we got a littler warmer as we performed a workout I call the “Gasser” (until Dylan R. finished 3 Rounds with Sue M. close behind):

10 DB Thrusters Left, 10 DB Thrusters Right, 20 Burpees, 30 Bench Step-Ups, Run a Lap

Then we spent 20 minutes visiting yet another “Four Corners of Hell,” (How many corners are there?!) switching exercises every 30 seconds, rotating every 2 minutes:

Station #1: Single Battling Ropes and Rope Jumps

Station #2: KB Swings and KB Upright Row

Station #3: Plank Elbows to Hands and Jump Squats

Station #4: Sledge Hits on Tire and Jumps In & Out

Great work everyone!  Hopefully tomorrow we can stay between the raindrops!

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