June 3, 2011

It would seem most seemed to take Friday night off this week? WTF!

Only 7 turned up and paid the price for everyone’s truancy with a warm-up of “Scary Skips and Creepy Crawlers” at the High School, followed by a 400m fitness test for time, with Alex B. posting a class best time of 1min 32 sec.

After a TRX and Rope Circuit, some had more fun/luck than others chipping away at the “Deadly Deck of Cards,” as each person had 6 cards to complete the # reps on the card (face cards=10 reps, Ace=11 reps) for the following exercises:

Hearts= Push-Ups, Diamonds=Sky and Ground Squats, Spades=Sit-Ups, Clubs=Burpees

And yes, Irina, I did throw out the 2,3,and 4 cards.  I am a Bully, remember!  But you certainly got screwed with a few colourful hands of Face Cards!  Others got a few hands rich in clubs…and seemed not to be too thrilled about that!

Great first week everyone!  “Big Ups” to Alex, Katie, and Sue! – who finished the week with perfect attendance!  Thanks to everyone who has assisted me in carrying equipment back and forth.  I really appreciate all your help.

Now get ready for a tougher Week 2!

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