June 4, 2011

Today, I have made myself available at 12:00 noon for a BONUS Boot Camp Technical Lesson for members of Uxbridge’s Athletes Only Boot Camp that want to review their technique on any of the equipment we have used over the past week that you may want/need to practice.  It is optional and completely FREE, but I’ll be accepting donations to Heart and Stroke, to sponsor me for the BIG BIKE on June 8th.

It’s supposed to rain, but we may even be able to stay inside depending on how many turn up, and how busy it is at the gym.

You may be asking, “Dale, why should I improve my technique?”

Because without the proper Mechanics and Consistency, you will NEVER achieve Real Intensity! And intensity is where great results come from…and that is what you want, right?


Come get some!


  1. Thanks guys for leaving me all by myself to challenge the bully Dalee-oh:)
    It was great though i have to say.
    See you all Monday.

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