June 14, 2011

At Uxbridge Boot Camp, when you mess with the Bully (or Devil, as Alex now refers to me:), you get the horns!

We had a spirited game of Uxbridge Boot Camp Baseball that ended in a 28-26 score for the Blue Team, as Rhonda B. (aka “the ringer”) pushed them over the top.  So, in a little over 10 minutes, the 9 players combined for 540 Floorwipers at First base, 540 Push-Ups at Second base, 540 Plank Knee-Ins at Third Base, and oh yeah…540 Burpees at Home Plate.  And we did cover a bit of ground between the bases, as I placed them 25m apart…so a combined 5.4 km!

Great work everyone, especially Dylan R. who scored 9 runs for Red Team!

I think everyone may have been happy if we ended things there, but instead everyone gave it all for 16 minutes in a little sweatbox I call the Four Corners of Hell:

#1: Rope Tsunami and Side Jumps over the Rope

#2: DB Thruster and Split Lunge Jumps

#3: Sledge Hammer Hits on the Tire and Jump Squats

#4: KB Sumo Deadlifts and “T” Push-Ups

We did 2 rounds with the first being 3 min (switching between exercises every 30 sec) and a final 4 min blitz with 1 min rounds at each station!

Quick Reminder: Tomorrow, June 15th is “Bring a Friend Night” for Uxbridge’s Athletes Only Boot Camp, so bring a friend you really like or an enemy you hate…I’ll take care of both of them!

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