June 6, 2011

Today was a great effort from everyone!  This Uxbridge Boot Camp workout tested the metal of all 10 on the field.  They certainly faired better than my poor party wagon which buckled under the weight before the workout had even begun!

After a continuous but light DB (3-10lbs) Shoulder Circuit, we got to work with 2 gruelling stations completing as many rounds as possible:

#1 KB “Filthy 50” – 50 Reps (20 Swings, 10 Clean + Press, 10 Walking Lunges, 10 Renegade Rows). As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.  Everyone got 3 rounds!

#2 – Dip, 25 Yard Throw and Go, BurpeeAs many rounds in 15 minutes of 12 Dips (or Jumping Pull-Ups), then throw the Med Balls/SB/Heavy Bag as many times as it took to go 25 yards, complete 12 Burpees, run it back and go again! Everyone lost the ability to count after 5 rounds!  Especially, Dylan, Mike and Pete who battled the 60lb Sandbag, and 100lb Heavy Bag!

We’ll keep practicing the KB cleans until you all can teach it:)

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