June 8, 2011

Weather warnings be damned!  At Uxbridge’s Athletes Only Boot Camp, a good group of ladies took on Core Cards and then bravely entered Kettlebell Hell as Monday’s “Filthy Fifty” made a surprise return that left few smiling!

The most common question early on was, “Where are the guys?”  I don’t know. Maybe the boys just don’t go outside when there is a 100% chance of precipitation?  Maybe the ladies kicked their butts so bad the day before, they needed a day to collect their thoughts and ice their egos?  Maybe…

Unfortunately, lightning in the area forced the cancellation of our first ever game of Uxbridge Boot Camp Baseball with 7 minutes remaining and a 4-3 score.  We’ll have to try again sometime soon.

Following our Uxbridge Boot Camp class, we all headed into Body Fit for a Nutrition Seminar. Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do for 2 reasons:

  1. Performance Enhancement
  2. Avoidance of Disease

If you missed it, I have prepared you a nutrition guide for you that elaborates on what I spoke about in greater detail.

Quite simply though, you can draw a straight line between poor nutrition and poor performance, as Jayme found out today!  She gave 100% — but missing meals meant that she was only at about 50% before the workout even started.  You can’t expect to perform well if you are not prepared to provide your body with the quality foods it requires to recover from each Uxbridge Boot Camp workout and fuel the next one!

Or the “5 P’s” as one of my old coaches used to say, “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.” I always wondered why he didn’t call it the 6P’s but there wasn’t really a good time to ask him about it:)

Secondly, an effective fitness program is one that moves you AWAY from disease – the changes we want occur on the inside long before we see them on the outside, and you’re fooling yourself if you think nutrition has nothing to do this or with preventing disease.  In fact, nutrition is the foundation that supports all of the metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifing, and sport that we do at Uxbridge Boot Camp.

Fat Loss Explained in 6 words: EAT LESS!  EAT BETTER!  MOVE MORE!

It’s simple but powerful advice that you can choose to follow or ignore at your own peril!

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