Body Fit Spinning

Welcome to Spin Fit!

Spin your Body Fit at Body Fit!

Looking for something to melt the pounds off, then Spin Fit is for you! In a short period of time you can burn a lot of calories, thus positively affecting your health. Spin Fit targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks, hips, calves and even the abdominal muscles.. Spin Fit is a ‘no impact’ activity, so your feet and knees won’t hurt. This makes it an excellent activity for all ages, even older adults. The intense workout gets your heart pumping faster which is beneficial on many levels.


I’ve never taken Spin Fit before, what should I expect?

A: Every class is different. Spin Fit is adaptable to your fitness level. It’s not a competition, listen to your body and adjust the resistance on the bike accordingly with guidance and motivation from an instructor.

Do I have to be in great shape to participate?

A: Anyone can benefit from Spin Fit. You go at your own pace by controlling the resistance on your bike. Taking Spin Fit is a GREAT way to get in shape.

What type of gear do I need?

A: Always bring a bottle of water and a towel to each class ~ it’s very important to stay hydrated! Padded bike shorts or a gel seat may help to fend off the dreaded ‘saddle sores’ (sore rear) and make your ride more comfortable.

Why is pedaling backwards NOT recommended?

A: Pedaling backwards is risky on a fixed gear bike. If riders try to quickly stop the flywheel by pedaling backwards, the compressive forces on the knee joint can be sufficient enough to tear cartilage or the meniscus. Pedaling backwards may hyperextend the legs, which could damage the ACL or other soft tissues of the knee. Aside from being risky, another reason not to do it is that there is no physiological advantage to it. Lastly, this movement puts the bike at risk. Pedaling backwards may eventually unscrew the pedals from the crank arm.

The First Step

Is to sign up for a class so you can start enjoying the benefits of Spin Fit! Remember, like any class, the instructors will vary on their focus. Some may take you on an imaginary ride while others may concentrate on a more rigorous variety of drills. Spin Fit will give you the aerobic burst you need to get your heart racing and boost your endurance. Just climb on, and start pedaling to you limit for a Spin Fit workout that you will enjoy!

NOTE : All participants must register at the front desk before the class to reserve a bike.